North America Guzheng Competition!

The North America Guzheng Competition was conceived by the Director of the International Zheng Competition, Mr. Yang Tao of China. In 2012, on the invitation of Ms. Gina Cai, President of the Music Lovers Guzheng Society in Edmonton, and the City of Edmonton, Mr. Yang visited the city and took a cultural tour of Edmonton. Ms. Cai was the 2009 winner of the "Nurturer's Award" at the International Zheng Contest in Hong Kong. The Award was given to her in recognition of her excellence in teaching. Her student had won a Bronze Medal at the International Zheng Competition. Ms. Cai is a businesswoman who also teaches guzheng in Edmonton, helping to expose a wider audience to this traditional Chinese musical instrument.

During his 2012 visit Mr. Yang was introduced to some of Edmonton's excellent cultural venues such as the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, the Winspear Centre and the Art Gallery of Alberta. While here, Mr. Yang also had the opportunity to meet some local talent and was impressed with the passion and enthusiasm of the performers. He appreciated that Edmonton had the honour of being named the Cultural Capital of Canada in 2007 and encouraged Edmontonian, Ms. Gina Cai to apply for the privilege of hosting the First North America Guzheng Competition. She was successful and the competition was held in Edmonton, May, 2013.

The organizing committee of this years competition is proud to work with an extremely enthusiastic, energetic, efficient and committed group of individuals for the second North America Guzheng Competition. As in 2013, Ms. Cai is the Executive Producer and Competition Director of the event. We are confident that we will attract a broad cross section of participants (ages 8 to adult) as well as interested onlookers and supporters. The success of an event such as this is hugely dependent on the support of our sponsors, local business, the media, volunteers and individuals.

We, the Chinese Community are committed to sharing our culture with Edmonton.  We have all, no doubt, enjoyed events such as Chinese New Year’s Celebrations, the Mid Autumn Festival or Chinatown Night Market. Chinese music plays an integral part in their celebrations and we are proud to introduce the general public once again to the wonderful sounds of the “Guzheng”.


此項北美古箏比賽最初起源於香港國際古箏比賽組織委員會主席楊濤先生的構想。2012 年,楊先生受埃德蒙頓政府與知音古箏社社長蔡秀玲老師之邀首次到訪本市。蔡老師曾於 2009 年因其學生在該年國際古箏比賽上獲得銅獎而被授予園丁獎。身為生意人的同時,蔡老師也非常熱衷於教導各年齡層的學生學習古箏,並在加拿大推廣中華民樂。

訪問埃德蒙頓期間,楊先生遊覽了本市幾處文化場所(如北阿爾伯達省 Jubilee 劇院、Winspear 音樂廳與阿爾伯達省美術館),同時也接觸了一些本地的藝術人士並對其熱忱刮目相看。楊先生對我們這座曾於 2007 年獲得 “文化首都” 之美譽的城市留下深刻的印象,於是便授權知音古箏社舉辦國際古箏比賽的北美選拔賽。第一屆北美古箏比賽已在 2013  5 月圓滿完成了。




Special rate* for Competition participants and guests at Chateau Lacombe, the official Competitions' venue.
Guest may also call the hotel direct and book under the 2nd North American Guzheng Competition (IND) Block Code: 201805252ND. Direct Tel: 780:428-6611, Toll Free: 1-800-661-8801.
*Please note that guests can only book rooms online that are blocked for this group.If a guest requires pre/post dates or an upgraded/different room type, they will need to call in to our reservations department to book the room.
凡參加或觀賞第二屆北美古箏比賽者,預訂比賽場所 Chateau Lacombe 酒店的客房,可享用特別優惠*
參賽者與來賓也可以通過電話聯繫酒店預訂客房。訂房時請聲明 Second North America Guzheng Competition (IND) 優惠密碼:201805252ND。 酒店電話:780-428-6611,免費電話:1-800-661-8801