Registration Requirements:

  1. Competitors must be Canadian or U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  2. Completed registration form – downloadable at this website (incomplete forms will not be processed) Deadline to register: March 31, 2018
  3. A photocopy of one government-issued ID as proof of the competitor’s date of birth
  4. Registration fee: $100 Canadian cheque or money order (includes judges’ fees and the competitor’s ticket to the awards dinner.) – all registration fees are non-refundable; please make cheque or money order payable to the Music Lovers Guzheng Society. DO NOT SENT CASH IN THE MAIL.

Format of the Competition:

  • Each competitor is expected to perform on the guzheng in front of a panel of judges (no other accompaniment is allowed)
  • The order in which competitors will play will be decided by a random draw
  • The competition venue will not be open to the public, but the competitors’ instructors, family members, and friends are welcome to watch the competition on the condition that they do not interfere with its proceedings
  • The Competition Organizing Committee will recommend outstanding competitors to represent North America at the International Zheng Contest that will be held in Hong Kong
  • All competitors will be divided into groups according to their age (ages will be determined as of the date of the Second North America Guzheng Competition)
  • There are no age restrictions for competitors registered in the ENSEMBLE group

Competition Groups:

Non-Professional Groups  Play one musical piece; 10-minute time limit; competitors are free to choose which segment of the musical piece to play; no restriction on musical piece

  • SOLOIST Teenage Group A (Ages 12 – 14)
  • SOLOIST Teenage Group B (Ages 15 – 17)
  • SOLOIST Youth Group (Ages 18 – 24)
  • SOLOIST Adult Group
  • ENSEMBLE Group – 2 to 5 individuals per ensemble; no age restrictions




  • 比賽選手必須於幾位評審前彈奏古箏(不接受其它伴奏形式)
  • 選手們的比賽順序將以抽簽決定
  • 比賽場地不向公眾開放,但選手們的指導老師、家屬,及友人皆歡迎在不影響比賽的情況下觀賽
  • 比賽組委會將根據比賽情況推薦幾位成績出眾的選手代表北美去參加於香港舉辦的國際古箏比賽
  • 獨奏選手們皆按照年齡分組 — 年齡將依據第二屆北美古箏比賽的日期計算
  • 合奏小組的選手們不限年齡


  • 參賽者必須是加拿大或美國的公民或居民
  • 報名表, 報名截止日:2018 年 3 月 31 日
  • 參賽者的身份證複印件一份(須證明參賽者的出生日期)
  • 報名費:加幣 $100  (收款人:Music Lovers Guzheng Society)  — 已繳報名費皆不予退還。切勿郵寄現金

非專業組 - 彈奏曲目一首,限時 10 分鐘,自行選段,曲目不限:

  • 獨奏少年 A 組 (12 - 14 歲)
  • 獨奏少年 B 組 (15 - 17 歲)
  • 獨奏青年組 (18 - 24 歲)
  • 獨奏成人
  • 合奏小組:2 到 5 位成員;年齡不限