Competition Rules:

  1. Competitors must follow all the rules and regulations of the competition, and abide by all the laws of the host location. 
  2. All concerns should be made known to the Competition Organizing Committee in a timely fashion.  The Committee will endeavour to resolve the matter in a manner that is satisfactory to all parties.
  3. The Competition Organizing Committee is in charge of all competition procedures.  Intentional interference with or disruption of the competition will not be permitted.  The fairness of the competition will be rigorously upheld at all times.
  4. The order in which competitors will perform in front of the panel of judges will be decided by a random draw.  All competitors must follow the directions of authorized staff members and observe the strictest punctuality.  Failure to comply with directions, unauthorized departure from the competition venue, and tardiness may result in the disqualification of the competitor in question.
  5. Competitors must maintain the cleanliness and non-disruptive atmosphere of the competition venue.  Also, competitors are responsible for protecting their own valuables and belongings.
  6. The competition registration form has to be filled out completely, clearly, and truthfully.  If the competitor is still under 18 years of age at the time of registration, information about his/her parent/guardian and the latter’s signature also have to be included in the form.
  7. Competitors may bring their own guzheng for use during the competition.  They also have the option of making use of the ones provided by the Competition Organizing Committee.  In either case, each competitor or his/her guzheng instructor is responsible for tuning the instrument before he/she appears before the judges.
  8. The judges will assign marks to each competitor on the spot.  The average of these marks will be the competitor’s final score for this competition.
  9. The panel of judges consists of renowned guzheng performers and musicians.  Their decisions are final and are not open to challenge.
  10. In the event of a tornado or other unexpected natural occurrences, the Competition Organizing Committee will make adjustments accordingly.  Competitors have to keep up to date on the changes and maintain their own safety.

For your convenience, click here to download a .pdf file of the competition rules, regulations & requirements as easy reference. For further information or questions, contact us at the following:

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  • mailing address: 11904-113 Avenue, Edmonton, AB  T5G 3C2


  1. 比賽選手須嚴格遵守大賽各項規定,並遵守本地法律與法則。
  2. 如有問題請及時向組委會反應。組委會將會認真處理,並盡量給出滿意的答覆。
  3. 比賽期間由組委會主持全部賽事工作,決不允許任何干擾比賽結果和不正常的事情發生。確保比賽在公開、公平、公正的原則下進行。
  4. 比賽由抽簽方式決定選手參賽順序。選手必須聽從工作人員指揮,按時候   場。不聽從工作人員安排、擅自離場、遲到者有可能被取消比賽資格。
  5. 比賽選手須保持賽場的安靜、整潔,並保管好自身財物。
  6. 選手的報名表必須照實填寫,並填寫完整、清楚。若選手在報名時尚未滿 18 歲,報名表上須附加家長的資料與簽名。
  7. 比賽選手可自帶古箏或借用組委會提供的古箏參賽。無論是自帶或借用的古箏,音准必須在賽前由比賽選手或其指導老師自行調好。
  8. 比賽成績由評審團當場打分。所有評審委員打的分數之平均分為選手最後得分。
  9. 評審團由著名古箏藝術家以及著名音樂家組成。評審結果不可更改。
  10. 比賽期間如遇突發事件,如龍捲風,組委會將根據情況做出調整。請參賽選手注意調整時間,並務必注意自身安全。


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  • 電子郵箱: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.